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$600 Million Showdown: Michael Jackson’s Estate Executors Refusing to Pay Pop Star’s Mom $500k Legal Bill



Now She is Fighting to Block Music Catalog Sale

The war between Michael Jackson ’ s mother Katherine and the two executors running his estate has heated up. According to court documents, lawyers for the executors, John Branca and John McClain , asked the court to shut down Katherine’s recent demand for $500k.

As we first reported, Katherine filed a motion asking that she be reimbursed $561,548. She said she spent the amount on a team of lawyers to fight the executors over the sale of Michael’s music catalog .

The executors asked the court to approve the music catalog sale in 2022. Katherine quickly opposed the deal. The parties went back and forth in court for months until a hearing was held on the matter.

At the hearing, Katherine testified that Michael did not want the music catalog sold and that he considered it a lifeline. Michael’s children Paris and Blanket told the court they opposed the deal too. Blanket said he opposed on emotional grounds.

The executors fired back claiming Katherine has a pattern of objecting to lucrative deals. They argued the market was hot for the music catalog sale and they needed to take advantage of it.
The estate said it had every right to make the deal. 

“The Estate was teetering on the verge of collapse, with more than $400 million in debt that encumbered Michael’s most significant assets and little or no liquidity or means to service that debt. Through creative thinking, hard work and business savvy—and, of course, Michael’s extraordinary creative legacy—the Executors transformed the MJJ Business into a profitable enterprise,” the executors said as they argued for the deal to be approved.

Despite the family’s plea, the judge approved the executors’ deal and allowed them to move forward with the sale.

Within weeks, Katherine had filed an appeal of the decision. She argued the executors did not have the authority to sell Michael’s assets.

Recently, the executors argued that Katherine’s appeal should be dismissed. They said they had every right to sell the catalog. No decision has been reached on the appeal.

On February 9, 2024, the estate announced they sold one half of Jackson’s music to Sony for $600 million — a deal that Katherine said should not have gone through.

As part of the appeal, Katherine won a couple of small victories against the estate. As a result, she asked the court to award her the $561k in legal fees.

Now, the executors asked the court to deny the motion for legal fees. In their motion, they argued, “The Petition does not indicate the source from which Mrs. Jackson’s counsel seeks to have the requested attorney’s fees and expenses paid. It is not clear whether she is seeking payment from the probate estate or from the Trust.”

Further, the executors argued, “To the extents Mrs. Jackson seeks payment from the probate estate, the Petition lacks merit because it relies on provisions of the Trust, claiming that payment of legal fees is required by provisions of the Trust authorizing the Trustees to make payments “in [their] absolute discretion, for [Mrs. Jackson’s] care, support, maintenance, comfort and well-being.”

A judge has yet to rule.

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Houston’s Urban South Brewery Celebrates Fourth Anniversary



Urban South Brewery Houston will host its upcoming Anniversary Party from Friday, April 5 through Sunday, April 7, in the HTX Taproom, starting at 11 AM, celebrating four years of crafting exceptional brews and fostering community culture. This milestone event will be an exciting day featuring live music, food, activities, and a vendor market.

Beer enthusiasts are also in for a treat with the release of four exclusive anniversary specialty beers. Highlights include “Press Start,” a crafted Czech Pale Lager brewed in collaboration with Parleaux Beer Lab. Additionally, beer fans can indulge in “Level Up,” an Old-Fashioned Cocktail Sour Ale infused with orange peel, Luxardo cherry syrup, and subtle bourbon barrel notes. The offerings continue with “High Score,” a robust Double IPA bursting with flavors of Mosaic, Citra, and Chinook hops, and “Game Over,” a decadent Neapolitan Ice Cream Stout layered with strawberry fruit, Tahitian vanilla bean, and milk chocolate.

To make the celebration even more memorable, fans can pre-order an Exclusive 8-Bit Beer Box featuring the four-anniversary specialty beers (Press Start, Level Up, High Score, Game Over), a 16oz can-shaped Silipint with discounted refills, and 2 tokens redeemable for draft beer.

The Anniversary Party is open to the public, welcoming families and furry friends. Urban South Brewery invites everyone to join in the festivities and toast to four years of brewing excellence.

For more information on Urban South’s Anniversary Celebration, follow the Houston taproom on Instagram and Facebook.

Texas Guardian News
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Otu-Umuokpu Anambra USA in Houston Gets New Leadership  



Houston – TX: The Otu-Umuokpu Anambra USA Association Inc., Headquartered in Houston, Texas, has inaugurated its new executive leadership. An election was held in November 2023 where a set of new executive leadership emerged and was officially sworn-in on February 4, 2024.

Adaeze Stella Icon Adeone Samuel ( Stainless) is now the group’s new President, whereas Adaeze Nkiruka Mbonu ( Mmili doluedo) is the  Vice President.  Former President, Adaeze Dr Maria Elioku (Nkpulunma) remains the President Emeritus. A complete list of the new executive board members will be available on the group’s website, it was gathered.

While welcoming the new leadership team, President Emeritus Dr. Elioku thanked the outgoing executives for their impeccable service during their tenure. “As we all know, our mission as Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association is to promote and uphold our welfare and culture as well as foster unity, love, and harmony among us; and I am glad that within the past years, we were able to curtail distracting challenges to uphold those values,” she said.

Otu- Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association is a community of all paternal daughters of Anambra State of Nigeria with the core mission to promote and uphold the welfare and culture of her members; and foster unity, love, and harmony among them. The group has since its inception shared the uniformity of their ancestry as a unifying tool for community development and bonding of sisterhood.

For more information about Otu-Umuokpu Anambra, USA Association, Inc., please call 832-640-6329 or click to visit their website >>>>

Texas Guardian News
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Texas Woman Allegedly Killed Boyfriend With ‘Prison Shank’ After Fight



A Texas woman was arrested last week after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death with a “prison shank,” in late December.

San Angelo police first spoke to Ebony Gasca after her boyfriend Jermaine Johnson was found suffering from multiple stab wounds . When police arrived at the scene on December 26, Johnson was “sitting in an upright position struggling to breathe,” at the end of a residential driveway.

He was subsequently taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries , according to KLST .

Gasca told detectives that she and Johnson got into an argument while they were driving to a Dollar General. The argument was initially verbal but escalated when Johnson allegedly hit Gasca in the face.

“The defendant in return struck the victim in his face with an open hand,” the court documents said of Gasca’s response, according to KLST.

Surveillance footage from the store shows the two arriving at the business but whether they argued was unclear from the video.

The two continued arguing at the store and on the way home, with Johnson allegedly taking Gasca’s phone out of her hands and refusing to return it. When the pair got out of the car, Gasca told detectives that she put a homemade “prison shank” in her pocket, KLST reported.

Gasca alleges that when she tried to get her phone back from her boyfriend he put her in a chokehold – at which point, she stabbed him twice, until he let go. She later told police that at one point Johnson hit her on the head with her phone – during an examination she had a lump on her head and her phone was damaged, according to KLST.

Neighbor Shevetra Mathis told investigators that she observed the altercation from inside her residence. Mathis filmed part of the argument, revealing that Johnson took off his clothing while yelling and being aggressive towards Gasca. The segment of the argument that Mathis filmed did show any physical violence between the two.

Mathis told detectives that she grabbed a knife and exited the residence when she saw Johnson put Gasca in a chokehold. The neighbor allegedly stabbed Johnson in the chest and left the scene without calling law enforcement, according to KLST.

Neither woman contacted the police but Gasca did make other phone calls, to a friend and to Johnson’s brother. Jaclyn Graves said that Gasca called and admitted to stabbing Johnson twice before leaving the scene. Gasca then arrived at Graves’ apartment and changed her clothing before Graves drove Gasca back to the scene.

Gasca also called Johnson’s brother six times before he called her back and she told him stabbed Johnson after a fight, KLST reported.

Detectives say there was no evidence of Gasca having any type of deep-tissue bruising or any abrasions that were visible to the naked eye. Johnson’s body, however, had several abrasions, gashes and stab wounds.

A warrant for Gasca’s arrest was issued on January 4 and she was booked on a murder charge on January 19. Her bond was set at $500,000.

Texas Guardian News
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