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Community Covenant

Media development based on The Campaign for Communication Rights in the Information Society, rightly stressed that the community media offers a significant alternative to the profit-oriented scheme of corporate media. They are driven by social objectives rather than the private, profit motive; they empower people rather than treat them as passive consumers; and they nurture local knowledge rather than replace it with standard solutions.

Ownership and control of community media are rooted in and responsible to the communities they serve. Hence, they are committed to human rights, social justice, the environment, and sustainable approaches to development. Community media help balance these inequities. They provide the means for cultural expression, community discussion, and debate. They supply news and information and facilitate political engagement. These propositions are consistent with the Guardian tradition – a philosophy that bonds the media and the community with trust, open communication, economic empowerment, and social development.

My name is Anthony Obi Ogbo, and I am the Publisher of the Texas International Guardian News.

In the Guardian tradition, we make news, and our job is to say it as it is. As our reader, you are also a part of the Guardian tradition and may contact us directly. >>>




Anthony Obi Ogbo, PhD.